Steve Portigal on Writing, Part 2

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@ref:: Steve Portigal on Writing, Part 2
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2024-01-22 The Informed Life - Steve Portigal on Writing, Part 2

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(highlight:: When Writing a Book, Make a List of People Who Have Expertise You Want To Feature
The speaker discusses the process of collecting other people's expertise, such as asking for quotes or linking to their work.
They mention the importance of note-taking in user research and the back-and-forth in deciding whether to link to existing content or quote other people. The initial approach was to create a table with potential topics and speakers, which later evolved into refined chapters.
Sidebars, or short essays, were also included in the final product.
Speaker 1
And you know, so just trying to make a list of other people's expertise that I might ask them to write, I might ask them for a quote, I might link to them like the actual implementation of Bringing someone's voice in varied, right? I asked you to write about note taking, which is a great topic in user research and a great topic of yours. And I think you and I went back and forth like, is there something you've already written that we want to just link to or is there, you know, I've quoted people like one sentence like, what Did people that had been on my podcast? So I was pulling in other people's voices in a lot of different ways. That's why I started off as like a table of like, who and what, right? Who could talk? What's the thing I want someone to talk about and who would be the person to talk about it? And then, you know, eventually that gets kind of refined. And once you get into that chapter, like, oh, this doesn't need, right, we call them sidebars, like a little, a little short essay.)
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