Caleb Scharf on the Ascent of Information — Life in the Human Dataome

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2023-12-04 COMPLEXITY - Caleb Scharf on the Ascent of Information — Life in the Human Dataome

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(highlight:: The Dataome: The Energy Intensity of the Digital World
Key takeaways:
• The generation and usage of digital data requires a significant amount of energy and resources.
• Silicon chip production is an energy-intensive process due to the creation of ordered structures from disordered material.
• Efforts to generate electric power for the current informational world are hindered by the fight against entropy.
• The energy requirements for computation, data storage, and data transmission are increasing exponentially.
• Without significant improvements in efficiency, the energy needed to run our digital data homes may soon match the global civilization's total energy usage.
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Its everything, right? It's this conversation in recording to yr bits. It's the information that went to and from your phone when you picked it up in the morning. It's the video you made. It's all the financial transactions, it's all the scientific computation. And that, of course, all takes energy. It takes the construction of te technology. In the first instance, making silican chips is an extraordinarily energy intensive thing, because you're making these exquisitely ordered structures out of very disordered material. And so there too, we go back to simo dynamics. And you're fighting, in this sense, against entropines. In a local fashion, we're having to generate electric to power current informational world, that piece of the data. And the rather sobering thing is that already, the amount of energy and resources that we're putting into this, it's about the same as the total metabolic utilization of around 700 Million human and if you look at the trend in energy requirements for computation, for data storage and data transmission, the trends all upwards. Its an expedential curve. And they suggest that perhaps, even if we have some improvements in efficiency, unless those improvements are then in a few decades time, we may be at a point where the amount of energy, Just electrical energy, required to run our digital data home, is roughly the same as the total amount of electrical energy we utilize as a global civilization at this time.
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