S3 E12 — the End of Male Supremacy?

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@ref:: S3 E12 — the End of Male Supremacy?
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2023-11-17 Scene on Radio - S3 E12 — the End of Male Supremacy

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(highlight:: Creating a Nurturing and Less Stratified World: The Role of Women in Power
Speaker 1
Yeah but I'm also talking about something even deeper which is maybe we create a world in which we're not so stratified. We don't have such an intense you know this kind of winner take all society that some people talk about in terms of the economic system even right. That maybe we create a world that where the world is actually a little bit more nurturing and we kind of take care of each other a little better.
Speaker 2
Well if research gives us any clue with more women in power that world you're talking about is more likely achievable. Women are more likely to bring us the kind of meritocracy many people are deluded into thinking we already have. Right so I mean yes I think that men lose something in this equation because you've had extra for so much and you're going to lose that extra that you've had hopefully. But you gain something. I mean this is something we've talked about all season long is that toxic masculinity and patriarchy hurts men as well and there's there's a gain and hopefully that what you gain by dumping
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This toxicity is going to)
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