Amy Jiménez Márquez on Leading Information Architecture

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2023-09-12 The Informed Life - Amy Jiménez Márquez on Leading Information Architecture

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Use Personality Tests (MTBI to Understand Your Colleagues and Improve Team Dynamics
MBTI and personality tests are used at Zillow to help team members better understand themselves and each other.
The information gathered is displayed on a mural board and can be accessed online through MBTI The tests provide high-level directional information that helps improve working dynamics and understanding among team members.
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I have, you know, basically inflicted on every team since the cylinder. You know, let's do our MBTI. Let's do any personality test. We can strength finders and look at across the team how we relate with each other and how we might conflict with each other and why we might look at each other and understand each other Better. And that's something Zillow actually does like from the get go you take an insights kind of course where you learn more about yourself and the way that you are at work. So I find that to be like this, the culture here kind of really fits in with the way that I like to lead anyway.
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The acronym MBTI that's. Sorry, Myers Briggs to test inventory.
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And the idea there and I've worked in teams where we've done this where the idea there is that you try to gain an understanding of your own personality, how you process information, how You share, how you work best, what kind of other personalities you're compatible with. And then also get an inventory of the personalities of the people in your team so that you can develop better working dynamics. Yeah.
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And it's something where it's like full transfer like we get a big mural board and we put everybody's information on there. And then I subscribe to an online service called MBTI where I can pull up like I'm an ENFJ and I can pull up ENFJ and INTP and see here's how we get along best. Here's how we make conflict. Here's how we might react to each other at work. Like there's it's really very informative. And so and you know, I let people know this is directional. This is not, you know, this is not the blueprint of who you are. This is high level directional information. But it can help you understand when somebody reacts in a way that you don't expect to a situation. You can kind of go back and say, Oh, oh, it's because I approached them with a really, you know, urgent situation without a lot of information and they're extremely conscientious and That throws them off.)
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