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2023-09-09 The Informed Life - Chiara Ogan on Personal Libraries

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(highlight:: Pre Coordinate vs. Post Coordinate Systems in Library Science
In a pre-coordinate system, items are assigned one specific place to live.
In a post-coordinate system, items can exist in multiple locations, allowing for a more flexible and matrixed approach. This is ideal for digital content, where one item can have multiple classifications.
The difference lies in physical constraints versus digital flexibility.
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Yeah, so a pre coordinate system is where we say this has one place where it needs to live. And we are going to decide ahead of time what all our little spots are. And then we can put our books in that correct one place. A post coordinate system is something like facets that we use at information architecture all the time now with our faceted navigation or faceted search where we allow a more matrixed Approach. And this works really well for digital content because on the internet, one item can live in multiple places, right? Horses might live under animals, but it might also live under pets or it might transportation history or children's books or, you know, whatever, it has multiple places it can live. And so a post coordinate system says we're going to figure out all the places it can go and basically tag or classify this as living in all of its homes. And so it can show up any of those places. So it's that's the difference of like physical constraints versus digital. It can be anywhere.)
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