Talking About Project Knowledge

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2023-07-13 Center Stage The Voice of The Project Economy - Talking About Project Knowledge

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(highlight:: The Importance of Knowledge
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Fundamentals. What is knowledge, right? So, how does it differ from data, information, and wisdom?
Speaker 1
You know, Joe, I get asked this quite a bit. And much to my dismay, my woman, my wife tells her friends, you know, they say, what is your husband actually study? She says, knowledge. And then they come to me. I had airplanes and trips. People come up to me. What do you mean by knowledge? Can you help me fix my computer? Things like that. Exactly. So, about five or maybe longer, maybe eight years ago, I got asked this question by a reporter. And I came up with an answer that I'm very happy with. So, I'm going to start with that. Let's say you invited a friend over for a good dinner. And, you know, you're a little unsure of yourself in terms of your cooking skills. If you look at a cookbook, the letters on the recipe are data. By themselves, they don't mean much. A, B, C, D, they're just data. The recipe itself is information. It's a message. It has a sender. It has a receiver. It's codified data to give you a message. That's what a recipe is. That's what information is. Knowledge is knowing how to cook. You can't just read ten books and become a good cook. You can't take a pill. You)
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