Kat King on Notes for Learning

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2023-05-20 The Informed Life - Kat King on Notes for Learning

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(highlight:: Challenges with Note-Taking and Manipulating Information
Key takeaways:

  • The speaker struggles with messy note-taking practices
  • Traditional note-taking methods like Cornell notes and planners don't work for everyone
  • Effectively manipulating and storing information is key for utilizing it
  • Rigid note-taking methods taught through school may not work for everyone
    Speaker 1
    And it might, i think someone taught me cornell notes at some point. It didn't stick when they did. And i think, i think thisis, my notes are pretty messy. Honestly. I have trouble with, i think it's kind of funny to be talking about my notes, because i don't, and maybe came out earlier, don't think of myself as someone who has good note taking practices, in part because a lot of my childhood was a lot of people trying to solve problems i was having by saying things like, wi have you tried writing it down? What if you kept a planner? And those things just don't work with the way i work. I think the idea like, how do you manipulate information forou self, or prossit, like, what do you do with the abstractness of information? And like that feels like what i'm doing is storing pieces of it in places so i can use it better. Cause my brain will let something go verses. And i think it sets the people up to be less good at it. You know, if you're taught through school t these ways, and then, you know, long time, i just didn't do it, and i god find in school, so late, youd beat it. What o, you know? But then it's sone point that doesn't work yo more. And you don't have any self knowledge of what you need out of your knowits r if it was just something to be go ause other people said, this is something to have to be doingyannd, i think it's a particular type of muscle that you have to work and if you don't work at it early, you will have to start later.)
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