Shame and Blame — How Stigma Impacts Health

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2023-03-01 The Pulse - Shame and Blame — How Stigma Impacts Health

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The Stigma of Psychopathy (Anti-Social Personality Disorder
Key takeaways:
• Dating a sociopath or psychopath is not a good idea because they are more likely to be in the criminal justice system.
• Some tenants of ASPD are learned behavior, not intrinsic.
Speaker 1
Do you feel the stigma of ASPD? Absolutely.
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Just Google. Google the term dating a sociopath or dating a psychopath. How many articles are you going to find? It's thousands. It's got to be. And you always see people talk about how most sociopaths are in the criminal justice system. I hate that I'm a statistic of this, but it's true. Mostly because the likelihood of a psychopath being committed to an institution of one type or another mental health institution, a jail prison, what have you. It's substantially higher than a normal person. And because all psychopaths are sociopaths, they all get lumped together. But additionally, personally speaking, without any professional knowledge on a topic whatsoever. I wonder if some things, some tenants of ASPD are more of a learned behavior than an intrinsic behavior. Because when you look at a, when you look at the, the very end of the spectrum of a psychopath, you look at someone who has zero remorse, someone who does cruel things and doesn't give a ****. And then you've got the opposite and where people have the capacity to care, they just choose not to. Just because someone has the capacity to do something doesn't mean they will. A nuclear bomb has the capacity to level a city, but it doesn't do that unless someone tells it to. And it's much the same way as myself, you know, like I have a, I have an ability to do these. Incredibly bad things and not feel bad about them, but I don't, because I choose not to. And I think it's important to know that, you know, there is the potential to have that choice. And some would argue that the ability to choose means that I'm not a true psychopath or sociopath. Perhaps they're right.)
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