Self-Organizing Collaborative Governance Q+A With Richard D. Bartlett

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@ref:: Self-Organizing Collaborative Governance Q+A With Richard D. Bartlett
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2024-01-31 Future Thinkers - Self-Organizing Collaborative Governance Q+A With Richard D. Bartlett

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(highlight:: Decentralized Organizing as a Continual Process of Equitably Distributing Power
The intention is to create a communitarian and collective approach with an open source and mutual attitude, leading to a process of decentralisation.
The focus is on pushing power out from the centre, creating multiple centres and constantly decreasing their density, rather than eliminating centralisation or hierarchies.
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I mean, the reason that I talk about decentralised organising rather than non-hierarchical organising is I think of decentralisation as like a process of going from the centre and Pushing it out, you know, and that there might be multiple centres and that the centres are constantly losing their density, you know, that there's this process. But it's not a, I don't have a picture in my mind of like, there's no centralisation, there's no, you know, there's no strict hierarchy. Someone like that, it's more like moving the power out and finding how to do that in a way that's actually pragmatic, you know, in a way that actually you're sharing authority with people In a way that, yeah, support some kind of common vision, you know, that actually get somewhere and that honours people's investment and their expertise.)
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(highlight:: Decentralized Organizing: Have Roles Corresponding To Different Levels of Accountability
Organizations should establish different classes of roles corresponding to varying levels of responsibility, such as founding partner, enthusiastic volunteer, or interested supporter.
Individuals should gain escalating rights as they take on more responsibility, and these rights should be accompanied by escalating levels of accountability. This means that as individuals gain more influence, there should be expectations and opinions about their behavior from the rest of the organization.
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My first gesture is just to name, like I say, have different classes where people will know, like, okay, I'm a founding partner or I'm an enthusiastic volunteer or I'm an interested Supporter on the sidelines, like if you can name that there are these distinct places and that you get escalating rights as you take on escalating responsibility. And then as you have escalating rights, you should also have escalating accountability, you know, like that there's actually expectations on each other, like, okay, if you're going To have this influence, then we should be able to have an opinion about how you're behaving.)
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