Steve Portigal on Writing, Part 1

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2024-01-22 The Informed Life - Steve Portigal on Writing, Part 1

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(highlight:: Before Writing a Book, Teach the Material to See What Resonates
Rob Fitzpatrick's book, Right Useful Books, emphasizes the importance of teaching material before writing about it.
The initial structure of a book is a hypothesis that needs to be tested by exposing others to it. Teaching as a workshop or course is an effective way to gather feedback before writing a book.
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I read a book by Rob Fitzpatrick called right useful books that has been really useful to me and I have recommended it to people who say that they want to write nonfiction. And one of the things that Rob says in this book is that. You should, you should teach the material before you start writing about it. I think that that's really important because. At least for me. Whenever I've written a book and duly noted is my third book project so I did the fourth polar book. And I was living in information and now this new one and. In all three of those cases, I came into the project with a set of ideas and like you were saying it was kind of messy. I had a big brain dump of ideas. And then I do a first pass of the idea is that trying to structure what the best way to talk about them is, and you know, how are you going to. And then I do a second step. And so I'm going to put a book and put it together in a sequence that makes sense to the reader. And the point is that that initial structure is a hypothesis. Right, like it might make sense to me. But I'm not really going to know if it makes sense to others until I started exposing other people to that way of talking about it. Or I've written the book and putting it out there or. Actually share these ideas with other people in other ways, right? And teaching, you know, something like a workshop or a course is certainly a lower effort way of doing it than writing the book. Right. Like you want to you want to write the book after teaching the material for a little while.
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Where are what's the context in which you were teaching you have been teaching the duly noted material? How have you been doing that?)
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