Harry Max on Managing Priorities

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2024-01-22 Rosenfeld Review Podcast - Harry Max on Managing Priorities

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(highlight:: The D-GAP Framework for Prioritization
The D-GAP framework, standing for Decide, Engage, Gather, Arrange, and Prioritize, is a process to bridge the gap between the current state and desired state.
It emphasizes that priorities are crucial inputs to plans and decisions, and suggests a repeatable process for intentional prioritization. 'Decide' involves assessing time, appropriateness, and potential return on investment.
'Engage' emphasizes commitment and involving internal and external stakeholders.
'Gather' focuses on collecting information and metadata about options.
'Arrange' deals with sorting and clarifying the gathered information, considering frameworks and optimization. 'Prioritize' is the final step, where the sorted options are assigned priority based on the preceding steps.
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But I think the process you use, maybe you can tell us a little bit about it, is called D-GAP. And that's the sort of overarching, almost philosophy, as well as process to prioritization. What you talk a little bit about what D-GAP stands for, and what it is?
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Sure. D-GAP isn't, first off, it's an acronym, D-E-G-A-P, and it represents closing a gap between a current state and a desired state. The idea is that your priorities are your inputs to your plans and your decisions. And in order to execute a good decision, or to develop a smarter plan, I should have said that the other way around, develop a better plan and make a superior decision, you've got to know What your options are. And so it turns out there's a repeatable process for this. It took a while to figure out, but the D-D-GAP is really decide, decide if you have enough time, decide if it's appropriate, decide if you're going to make the investment, it's a constant Benefit analysis, if you're going to make the investment to slow down and invest in being intentional about prioritizing. Engage, the E, is about getting, it's about committing to that process. It's about figuring out who your stakeholders are. And sometimes those stakeholders are internal. Like I want to buy a fancy new car, and like my internal CFO is saying, don't do it, save yourself. But my fun, my fun love car motorcycling self is like, yes, get the Porsche. So there's a battle going on there amongst internal stakeholders, and my external stakeholders, like my partner, she's like, bad plan. I'd like to retire. You go around buying Porsches, that ain't going to happen. So engaging in the process is about the commitment to follow through with prioritization and engaging stakeholders and really starting to get away at the land of what it is you're going To be dealing with. Gather, G, D-GAP, gather is about collecting the information, the items that you need to prioritize, the things that will turn out to be your options, the metadata about those, the Information that supports those kinds of things, and starting to figure out, like, what is all this stuff that you're going to have to sort through? Arrange the A in D-GAP is around, okay, now I've got all this stuff. How am I going to sort it out? What do I have to de-duplicate? What do I have to clarify? Because it's not, I don't get it, it's not self-evident. By the way, what am I optimizing for? What am I trying to do here? So what frameworks might I consider, right? What sorting techniques might apply? How might I link these things together? Is there a marketplace simulation like, you know, what's I think, you know, by a feature is a great example, a marketplace simulation, right? Or is there a hybrid method, some more sophisticated approach that I might apply based on what's important? Once I have that all sorted out, that's when you prioritize the P in D-GAP. So D-E-G-A-P decide, engage, gather, arrange, and prioritize.)
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