Mags Hanley on Career Architecture

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2023-03-31 The Informed Life - Mags Hanley on Career Architecture

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(highlight:: Deliberate Positioning in Your Job, Network, and Career
Key takeaways:
• For your career, you need to test possible directions by positioning yourself within your industry or organization and looking at what others in your network are talking about.
• You can do this by looking at LinkedIn profiles and talking to people in your network.
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For your career, like how do you test possible directions?
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I think there's a couple of ways to do this. And one is. So one of the bits I didn't talk about was positioning. So one of the elements when you look at it, you need to understand where you are positioned yourself. I was talking to someone else in the network last night and he said, it's not PR is it? No, no, no, I'm not talking about PR. I'm talking about positioning yourself and understanding how you are seen and known within the industry or seen and known within your organization and start to go, okay, this is where I'm positioned, what could I move forward to? And that comes back into this testing element, which says, what does your network talk about? Is there the opportunities there? Do you see this on LinkedIn? When you go to your network and say, I'm interested in coaching, there's someone who turns me and goes, oh, man, you were fantastic at that. Of course, I will help you find that solution or I can refer you to someone else. Are you starting to find that what you are looking at makes sense to the network and makes sense to where you can position yourself in an organization or in a profession?)
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