R/Salesforce - How Are You Using Macros?

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2024-01-26 reddit.com - RSalesforce - How Are You Using Macros

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Our support center uses macros heavily. We have adopted KCS (knowledge-centered support http://www.serviceinnovation.org/kcs/), so all issues have an associated knowledge article, and almost all articles will instruct the agents on which macro to use. The macro will usually:insert a quick text - but we don't automatically send the email, prefer agents to personalize the text as needed. We don't like canned responses despite using them regularly ;)populate picklist fields to categorize the caseattach the relevant article to the caseOf course we also use bulk macros from time to time to triage high-volume issues.Overall we have created almost 2000 macros so far. Macros combined with the KCS practice of having knowledge articles for everything means it's easier to train agents, allowing them to feel comfortable supporting a wide range of issues.
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