6 Tips for Low-Cost Academic Blogging

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@ref:: 6 Tips for Low-Cost Academic Blogging
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2024-01-12 matt.might.net - 6 Tips for Low-Cost Academic Blogging

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(highlight:: The secret to low-cost academic blogging is to make blogging a
natural byproduct of all the things that academics already do.
Doing an interesting lecture? Put your lecture notes in a blog post.
Writing a detailed email reply? "Reply to public" with a blog post.
Answering the same question a second time? Put it in a blog post.
Writing interesting code? Comment a snippet into a post.
Doing something geeky at home? Blog about what you learned.)
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Tip 1: Lecture as post

Tip 2: "Reply to public" as post


(highlight:: Many of the academics that "don't have time to blog" seem to have
plenty of time to write detailed, well-structured replies and flames over email.
Before pressing send, ask yourself, should this answer
be, "Reply," "Reply to all," or "Reply to public"?
If you put effort into the reply, don't waste it on a lucky few. Share it.)
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Tip 3: Advice as post

Tip 4: Vented steam as post

Tip 5: Blog as code repository


(highlight:: Posting my code on my blog forces me to do three things:
It makes me refactor my code into a clean design.
It makes me comment my code sufficiently.
It makes me search for the most concise solution.)
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Tip 6: Blog as long-term memory