R/AskReddit - What Is Your Go-to Party Game?

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2023-03-17 reddit.com - RAskReddit - What Is Your Go-to Party Game

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Beerio Cart.Mario Cart, but you have to drink while in a race. The catch is you are not allowed to drink and drive.You can either:chug before you startpull over mid race multiple times and take drinks.Stop and chug before you cross the finish lineYou can not:Take drinks while going over jumpsTake drinks if you have fallen off the track and are waiting to be dropped back on.If you do not finish your beer by the time the race is over, you must add a half a beer to the next race.
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Love this game, been playing it for years now.Another great Mario one is with a Mario Party game. 1-8 works, 9-10 are balls. Everyone gets a beer and a shot glass. 30 turn game, bonus stars on, any good map.How much beer you drink is the inverse of what position you came in the mini game. 1st takes a 4s pull, 2nd takes a 3s pull, etc.Get a star, take a shot. Yes, even bonus starsWin a duel mini game, take a shotBowser/Chance time, everyone else takes a shotThe idea is that the better you are the game, the faster you get drunk.
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