“Community Is Like a Muscle That Grows When You Practice Together”

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2023-02-12 medium.com - “Community Is Like a Muscle That Grows When You Practice Together”

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Whenever we start working with a new group, we usually introduce the practice of a “check-in” at the beginning of each call and a “check-out” at the end of each call. They are simple opportunities for people to share how they are showing up and how they are leaving the call. It humanizes the group and strengthens the relational web. At the beginning this feels awkward. Bringing an element of the personal into the professional still feels like a transgression, especially within larger organizations. But then, as we continue to do that repeatedly at each call, it becomes easier and easier. So much so, that after a while people expect it and even start doing it themselves, even when we’re not present.
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A community muscle shows up in: A rhythm that feels natural. For example: we always meet on the first Tuesday of the month. Rituals that happen regularly. For example: we light a candle at the beginning of our gatherings. Key formats. There are a few gathering formats that we continuously organize and people know how to organize them well. Distributed knowledge: it’s not only a few people at the top who know how to do things. Many people know how to do things. This knowledge spreads by peers watching peers. Embodied values: we have internalized that in this group we treat each other in certain ways. For example: In this group it’s normal, even encouraged, that we challenge each other’s opinions. Co-creation: It’s natural in this group that things are created together. Nobody waits for top-down leadership. Comfort with hard things: we have capacity to deal with conflict, tensions, disagreement.
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