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2023-01-19 zenhabits.net - Spend Your Time Intentionally - Zen Habits

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Let’s say you have a goal like, “Spend more time with family (or friends” … why do you need a goal like that in the first place? Without any judgment, it’s worth asking, Why aren’t you already doing that?
Or another way to ask it: What will likely pull you away from that goal?)
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- [note::Reminds me of murphyjitsu or failure mode effect analysis]


We might want to read more … but we abandon that when we’re feeling stressed about a project and decide to fill our available time with work.
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- [note::...and forget to reengage in our reading habit once the work is done (at least, if we have no documented system in place)]


(highlight:: The first thing is to think about what intentions you have for your time that you’re not already doing. For example:
Read more
Get outdoors more
Spend more time with family
Once you’ve got those intentions, you can get clearer: 30 mins of reading everyday, an hourlong walk or hike in nature 4x a week, evenings with family after 6pm on weekdays and half day fun on both Saturdays and Sundays.
Then block it off on your calendar, and commit to others. Maybe you do your walks with your partner or best friend. Plan your weekends and weeknights with your family. Join a reading challenge or have reading time with the family.
Set a reminder to review your intentions every morning or evening.)
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