What Would Happen to You in a Book?

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2023-01-05 blog.nateliason.com - What Would Happen to You in a Book

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We love hearing about people who beat the game because it provides some hope that maybe we don’t have to do the things we don’t want to do. If there are people who live to 100 who smoke, maybe it’s fine if we keep smoking. Maybe the rules don’t apply to us. But when you imagine what happens to a character who behaves that way in a story, you can see the train coming a little clearer.
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So look at your life and ask yourself: what happens to my character? Are they moving towards what they want? Or is the audience screaming at them in frustration for repeating the same failed patterns over and over again? Are they making decisions that should compound towards some happily ever after? Or are they teetering on the precipice of punishment? Life doesn’t make sense. But it’s helpful to pretend it does.
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