Translating CFAR to Therapy

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2022-07-05 - Translating CFAR to Therapy

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Just as translating therapy to self help is useful for ending therapy, translating self help to therapy is useful in beginning. When I begin seeing a client, one of my first questions is "What have you tried?". I want to know not only what has worked, but also what hasn't, and why, because this informs my theory as well as my choice of techniques.
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- [note::"Self-help & therapy are related but ultimately different things."
This is something I haven't internalized.]


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If just the process of writing out your bugs is helpful in fixing them, there are a number of self help CBT resources that might be helpful. One of my favorites is called Mood Gym. If you are the kind of person who feels better just noticing how your thinking is illogical, CBT will probably do very well for you.)
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