Getting in the Room, and Stay There

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2022-05-25 - Getting in the Room, and Stay There

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(highlight:: To get into the room, you need:
To bring something useful to the room... This could be details on a critical project, context from a critical team, subject matter expertise related to the room's purpose, experience running a similar project or team at a previous company, a relationship with a key relevant customer, or something else entirely.
...that the room doesn't already have. It's not enough to have something useful to bring to the room. It also needs to be a perspective that isn't already present within the room. Small groups function better than larger ones, so operating forums generally sacrifice redundancy and representation for efficiency. To be included in those rooms, you'll need to bring something distinct from the current membership.
A sponsor in the room. These rooms have limited slots and have to function well as a group. To get into the room, you'll need someone to sponsor your membership. Your sponsor is allocating their social capital towards your inclusion, and their peers will judge them based on your actions within the room. These rooms often have a mix of seniority levels, so it's often the case that your sponsor's manager is in the room evaluating them based on their decision to sponsor you.
Your sponsor needs to know you want to be there. Your sponsor is probably in many different rooms
and probably daydreams of leaving most of those meetings behind them. They won't necessarily assume you want to
be in any particular meeting, and in fact might assume you don't want to be there at all.
Make sure that they know if you want to be included.)
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