Predictable Parenting

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2021-12-16 - Predictable Parenting

Book cover of "Predictable Parenting"




(highlight:: Kids are super smart in some
ways, even kids under two, and noticing connections between what they
did and whether they got the outcome they want is one of the ways
they're smartest. If you are persuaded by whining, begging, crying,
incessant asking, sulking, or yelling, you're going to get a lot of
that. Not only is that unpleasant for you, it's unpleasant for them)
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(highlight:: if they ask me
to read and I don't want to I might say "I don't feel like reading
right now." This lets them know it's ok to try to convince me. If
there's a deeper reason I try to give that: "sorry, I can't read to
you right now because I need to cook dinner" gives them more
information about how I'm thinking about it)
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- parenting, metacognition,
- [note::Being explicit about your internal thought process seems super important when it comes to raising kids that think for themselves.